Monday, July 5, 2010



  1. That was me up there in the first frame...High up in the breeze!Hahahahha ok jokes apart...i noticed the contrasting light against the silhuotte.A streak of light in clouds, then the normal sky and a tinge of blackish clouds.Amazing it is.
    The POTRAIT OF A LADY, that's what i would call the second one. Wrinkles on forhead, a droplet of water near the brow and those deep eyes.Wow!I soooooo love her eyes.And yes dimpled cheeks with a nice jaw line. The chocolatey complexion and the red color, you got a nice timeless composition.
    The tents against the scenic background, the picture is breathtaking.The mirrored lake reflecting the gigantic snow covered mountains and the vivacious tent colors...this could be a calender photo for the spring season.It's an absolute delight to look at.

  2. Soldier overlooking a house and the mountains, salute to them for guarding the valley.
    The photo with droplets in it,i'll tell you, when i enlarged the picture i Skipped a breath.It's as if you did a "STATUE", clicked it and then you said "GO". Three tiny droplets in a sequence,a quintessential tugsten bulb and the slopey house.Hats off to you yar!
    I love the tattos picturised against a grand cliff. I am drwan towards these tattos, pata nahi kyun. And the cliff, yes i visualized the same one...want to jump down from sigh!!! kaash main bhi vahan hoti.
    CLouds, snow capped peaks reaching out to skies and a snake like curved queue.Majesticity of nature makes us speechless, again this could be calender pic for my birthday month!

  3. Foamed water cutting through the rocks with a high force.ALmost feel like sliding away with this water, you have so beautifully characterized it.
    Black beauty grazing grass, Nice one.

    The bhutta reddy photo!My favorite pic.Wet earth,a tokri beneath the reddy, tree trunk, high fences , pine trees and mountain peaks beyond.The picture talks to me! Life has to go on despite the obstacles. Overcome those and never stop.
    Sheep grazing in the sloped valley, clear blue sky,and the furry sheep.It's a classic poster pic.
    The last two potraits, in mein bhi kuch baat ha.Wah guru wah :)