Wednesday, March 10, 2010



  1. So Sweet of relaunched your famous blog.Love the first black and white shot. The gobar cakes, mud huts and the complacency associated with village life can be seen in the picture.
    The second image is like WOW! It seems as if the taxi is stationary and the background is in motion.The orange color attracts your attention and kind of stays with you. Perfect timing and precision of click!
    Third picture! Love the curves and whirlwind of trunk. Light filtering through the mesh wall and a hanging wish cloth add character to the frame.Moreover the magic of black and white.

  2. Forth picture is like a dreamy painting.White grand palace in the background and essence of spring in the forefront. Perfect merge of nature and rich heritage.The lake, the bench with a crow, white flowering flowers,the green-brown and rust colored leaves and the aging shadowy trunk compose the picture.
    Fifth one-You have a knack for considering the simplistic, common things in the forefront and depicting the other scenes with respect to that. May its jut my perception.Sun sparkling sea, patterns highlighted on sand, activity of shadowy figures and the ordinary yet special bicycle. You have this thing of making ordinary things stand out, in fact scream at you "I do exist, look at me". This is one of my favorite shots.

  3. Last one-Shows the co-existence of modernity and traditional modes of transport.The motion effect is superb, i wonder how you did that.It's WOWW!!

    I think you haven't posted all pictures on this page. Chalo...tumni itni post kar di blog pe yahi badi baat ha. I hope now you got my point. Couldn't have written all of the above on FB. See, i am so selfish :P